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Orange County Vending Machines Service and Machine Sales
Vending Machine for Sale in Orange County California
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Do you want to lease, rent or purchase a soda or vending machine for your Orange County or Los Angeles County business? Vending machine sales for soda, candy, and coffee machines in the LA and OC area, delivery extra. Lease a vending machine for your small business.  Vending machine sales and locations to start your own business.

At this time we are only selling 8 selection soda machines. We are leasing and equipping breakrooms with a complete selection of machines.




Buy an 8 selection machine like this for $450.00
Start a vending route, or put one in a break room. Delivery extra, e-mail for details.

Cost analysis for buying 1 soda vending machine for a 25 person company.
Cost of machine purchase is 500.00.

If you have 25 people at your company, and each person buys 1 soda per day at $0.50, with a 50 week, 5 day schedule, (6,250 cans per year) your total return in 1 year is $3,125.00. The soda costs are about 50%, and electricity costs are similiar to a large refrigerator, about $20.00-40.00 a month. You can pay off the machine in around 6 months. Your labor costs, maintenance and shopping time make the machine more of a convenience for the employees, not a "money-making" center for you. But think about it, what is the price that you can put on a happy and alert employee who has a soda machine for convenient rejuvination. If you really want to get employees working at maximum productivity and with the most motivation, keep your soda prices low, if you can sell your employees sodas at $0.35 each, they apreciate it. At $0.35 a can you are at a break-even point when including labor and electricity, but it shows the employees that you care about them. The cost of goodwill to employees can never be measured in dollars, but can always be measured in increased productivity and output.

1 soda vending machine at a 25 person company is going to net around $3,000.00 a year, with 1 time vending machine expense of $500.00, soda expenses at $1,500 a year, and electricity at $400.00 a year. $600.00 a year is left to pay for labor, shopping and drive time. The second year doesn't have machine cost, but could need maintenance expense on machines.
All numbers are estimates. Sales will vary by location.