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Orange County Vending Machines Service and Machine Sales
Vending Machines and Machine Location Sales in OC and LA
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Vending location locations OC LA county areas


Vending machine locations for sale or lease throughout the OC area. Either purchase the location lease and all equipment, purchase the lease on the vending location and lease the vending machines, or purchase the location and provide your own vending machines. Need a vending machine for a locaton you currently have? Contact us, we can sell you a new, refurbished or used vending machine for an existing location.

1 soda vending machine at a 25 person company vending 25 cans per day, 5 days per week, 50 weeks per year is going to net $3,125.00 a year, with 1 time vending machine expense of $600.00, soda expenses at $1,500 a year, and electricity at $400.00 a year. If you locate the machine at a business site there will likely be no electricity charges. $600.00 a year is left to pay for labor, shopping and drive time. The second year doesn't have machine cost, but could need maintenance expense on machines.
All numbers are estimates. Sales will vary by location.

Vending machines provide an extra income source without a major financial investment. Purchase an older used machine for a small business location, and start to realize profits sooner because of lower initial costs. Purchase a new coin operated vending machine and also accept dollar bills with newer vending machines for high traffic, large volume customers. Provide the best looking and newest machines for your largest vending machine catering locations. Snack in style.

Before you plan on getting rich with vending machines, do the math. It's not a get rich quick scheme, but vending machine locations will provide a steady supplemental income.